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          Google book website allows to download public domain books (Out-of-copyright books) as PDF by providing a download link. But what if you want to download a coveted book from google books which does not have a download link. Google book downloader comes to help in this situation.


  1. Windows installer 3.1 (2.5 MB)
  2. .NET framework 3.5 (offline installer 231.50 MB or bootstrap (internet setup) 2.82 MB)
  3. Google book downloader (Visit Google book downloader Homepage) by CodePlex- Open Source Project Hosting
          First install Windows installer 3.1. Windows installer service stops as installation updates the installer so you need to restart computer. After restarting install the .NET Framework 3.5. After that install Google book downloader. Now you can proceed to download books from google books.

How to download a book:
  1. Open the Click on 'Advanced Book Search' link.
  2. Type Keywords to search books
  3. Select 'Limited preview and full view' category. There are four categories. Meaning of each is explained below.

    • 'Public domain only': This category consists of Out-of-copyright books. Not all 'public domain books' are provided with download link. Many of them can be downloaded directly from google using download link. All books in this category (with and without download link)can be downloaded by using Google book downloader.
    • 'Full view only': This category consists of 'Public domain only' books and books for which author or publisher has given permission for full view(Remember that these are In-copyright books and do not have a download link). All books in this category can be downloaded by using Google book downloader.
    • 'Limited preview and full view': This category consists of 'Full view only' books and books with few browsable pages (If you download these books then downloaded file may miss some pages). The author or publisher of book decides how much of the book is browsable (From a few sample pages to the whole book). All books in this category can be downloaded by using Google book downloader.
    • 'All books': This category consists of 'Limited preview and full view' books and books which have no preview available (These books can not be downloaded by Google book downloader).

  4. Choose other options according to your need and search the book. click on the book link. You will find a 'link' option on right corner above preview, click it to get the book link.
  5. Open Google book downloader and in File->Add Book..., paste the book link. Click on the search and you will get the book found at the url within few seconds. Check it and click queue. Now you can set advanced options by right clicking on the book name in main window. Set appropriate options according to your need and start download. If you close the window while it is downloading, all downloaded work which is not saved will be lost so remember to save the work in GBD format (if not completely downloade) supported by google book downloader or convert it into PDF by exporting into 'iTextSharp PDF' (If download is complete).
Known Issues:

          GBD is a robot which uses script to generate automated queries to fetch pages from google book website which is not allowed in TOS by google. You may face following problem if you use GBD.
  1. GBD doesn't download anything: Google frequently blocks downloading scripts. GBD uses a script robot to download pages from google books so if your GBD doesn't work then get latest version of GBD. It may be possible that your IP is temporarily blocked by See next point to workaround this.
  2. is blocked: To enforce limits on user page views, google associate some non-personally identifiable information (IP address, cookies) with the books and pages that you've viewed regardless of login. Google uses this information for blocking a GBD user's access to google book website. To get instant access within minutes, change your public IP(reboot your modem to get new public IP) and clear browser cookies. GBD wil start downloading pages as soons as you do this. Use a proxy such as if you want to change IP later as it needs modem rebooting. Remember that you need to choose proxies in GBD also to continue downloading in this situation which will reduce download speed.
  3. website is not working: It is noticed that GBD website is no longer working and giving message as in below picture.

              You can download Google book downloader setup from
    1. ALTERNATE LOCATION FROM (Recommended).
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Anonymous said...

nice post...
It's a handy tool , I've been using it 4 days, many people don'y know it though.
Keep up the good work....

Prakash said...

This post was great.Particularly elaborative about the efficacious ways to crack into Google Books. Great bit of research.Kudos to you!

Shivkumar said...

nice dude!
keep it up.....

Anonymous said...

i can't access the google books page anymore. any solutions?

Mayur Ghatkar said...

Reply to above post

          Change your public IP and clear browser cookies. You can also use proxies to download but you need to change them frequently in order to prevent further blocking of website.

Mayur Ghatkar said...

Post updated

          Post is updated to include description of categories and known issues.

Raj said...

Hav u any idea about how to download multiple files from

marco said...

i'm using it for my master thesis, so precious!
thanks mate!!!

compupodia said...

Post updated
          New alternate download URL for GBD has been included. It is
          It is not a direct download link. It refers to a page so open webpage and click on download link at the end of page.

Anonymous said...

Hi Compupodia,

Please please please can you please upload the GBDownloader file to rapidshare or mediafire.
Because keeps showing this message: "Sorry, there are currently no free download slot available on this server" when I accessed the link you gave earlier.
Many thanks! Appreciate your effort.

compupodia said...

Reply to Above comment
          I have uploaded file at Thanks for your suggestion of uploading file on It seems to provide good service for free users over other competitor.
          I had uploaded file at but Firefox has marked it as an attack website so I deleted link from here to disassociated this website from it. I had tried but it also shows 'Sorry, there are currently no free download slot available on this server' message. This message comes because they have set limit on total number of active downloads by free users. I hope this won't happen with

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to be able to download the latest source code. I only have an old version of the source code.

I'm not sure if it only uses Google in one country: perhaps it could be modified to use Google in several countries and thus be quicker. GBD is extremely slow whjen I use it: it takes days.

compupodia said...

Reply to above comment:
          Unfortunately, I do not have source code of GBD. You can try to find something in GreaseMonkey script as GBD also works with the help of script.
          My friend has Broadband connection and GBD downloads nearly 15 pages in a minute but I face same problem as you. The reason is basically my connection is slower. Maybe you can check your connection to get better result.

Anonymous said...

A later version I've found is GBDownloader-

It is no longer on CodePlex, I wonder if it has a different homepage now.

compupodia said...

Google book Downloader script used in GreaseMonkey script of firefox
          GBD software uses same script as Google book downloader GreaseMonky script does. It is available at You can get instructions about how to use script at
          I tried it but I didn't succeed. Share here if you can download an ebook with it.

Anonymous said...

I got the new version of GBDownloader at softpedia. works fine atm.
The userscript mentioned above didn't work for me at all.

Anonymous said...

wow that is nice.

Mark Hill C. Janobas said...

it says DONATE. and never end downloading.. how come its free...

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask about the time need to download a book composed of 430 Pages from google books using GBD. I used GBD since two weeks (download daily) , and till now the progress only 350. I ask if it is normal download or slowly and if will need more time.

mark said...

too sloooooow

i think print screen and paste it on Ms word is booring

but it's more faster than GBDownloader

2 week for 420 page ...... loool

Anonymous said...

I used GBD to download a book when the book was finished. I used GBD to download another book, after 200 pages download, the download is stopped and a message appears (Unable to read beyond the end of the stream). Please, If there is a solution for this problem. I am waiting reply.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if there is a way to use GBD to download higher resolution images for books on google books. The images appear to be the default image when a book is opened in google books, but google books has a magnifying feature that allows you to see a higher resolution image of the page. I found that some of the books downloaded off of were of such a poor resolution that the text was very unclear and difficult to read. Is it possible to some how use GBD to download the higher resolution images? Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions.

raja said...

Nice and Clear Explanation .Thank you

Anonymous said...

For the last anonymous (apr 5,2010), to change the resolution images of GBD, press:
1. option -> quality -> use custom quality,
2. and fill in 1600 for example.

The default is 800. It is the measurement of the page width, in pixels if I haven't forgotten.

btw, anyone still have the source code? need the code to tweak download to sequential download. Parallel downloads, downloading a few pages simultaneously as is done by GBD will ensure google blocks our ip. if any has the source code, please put to rapidshare or other downloading site if possible.

Anonymous said...

Firefox saves all pages viewed in a cache on your
hard drive!Look in
files will need to be renamed with batch rename prg,they're jpg's
If you're too lazy to click the mouse to view 200+pages then use autokey or some macro prg that will send a mouse click every few seconds then simply move the files in the cache to another dir and batch much easier said...

Chrome saves all pages viewed in
C:\Users\'yourname'\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache\

files will need to be renamed with batch rename prg,they're jpg's
If you're too lazy to click the mouse to view 200+pages then use autokey or some macro prg that will send a mouse click every few seconds to advance to next page then simply move the files in the cache to another dir and batch much easier
to get higher quality jpg simply switch to a higher resolution,even if your monitor cant display it.

Bond said...

Hmmm, does GBD still work? I paste the book link in GBD and noting happen!

Anonymous said...

yeha it dont work

Anonymous said...

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