Transfer files directly between computers for free

 provides free online service for transferring files between computers.

Features of FilesOverMiles service:
  1. No registration is required to avail the service.
  2. No installation of any software or plug-in.
  3. Faster file transfer than any IM client (like GTalk) as it uses no intermediate server for transferring files. Files are sent the shortest way - directly between the sender and recipient.
  4. Password authentication for identifying intended recipient of file.
  5. Shows recipient's IP address to detect fraud.
How to use service:
  1. Open

  2.           Click on 'Browse' to locate the file on the hard disk.

  3.  generates a Unique URL for referencing the file. You can enter password for authentication purpose.
  4. Pass on this URL and password to intended recipient of the file.

  5.           If the file is password protected, it asks for password. Enter the password and click download.

  6.           In this process, sender computer acts as a file server. Multiple recipients can download file at a time. shows recipients' IP addresses for detecting unauthenticated access to your file. You can ask your friend about his computer's external IP address and confirm it with one shown on your screen. Currently, your computer's external IP address is
  7. Downloaded file on client side is saved in RAM. After downloading entire file, it asks for saving file.
Limitations of service:
  1. File size restriction: A sender may upload only those files that are smaller than the memory available on his/her computer. In turn, a recipient may download only those files that are smaller than half of the memory available on his/her computer.
  2. No resume supported: Once sender closes browser window for, receiver has to download entire file if it is not downloaded completely. File transfer resume is not yet supported.
Future perspectives of
  1. No file size restriction: File restriction in service is due to it's dependency on Adobe Flash player. Future releases of Adobe flash player may remove this restriction so we can transfer file of any size.
  2. Resuming file transfer process: currently does not support resumption of file transfer. Once browser is closed by sender, receiver has to download entire file again if file transfer is not complete.
  3. Peer to Peer algorithm implementaion like BitTorrent: As told earlier, allows multiple recipient to download file. But these receivers download file from original sender like conventional file server. is is working on implementing Peer to Peer algorithm like BitTorrent so that each client will download as well as upload data which he/she has downloaded.
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Prakash Nishtala said...

In what manner does this service be considered better than that provided by Torrent clients?
Anyways, the post was very informative.

bartek said...


I'm a founder of FilesOverMiles. Thanks for a great post about FilesOverMiles. I'd like to clarify that FilesOverMiles, despite operating in a browser, may be blocked by some NATs/firewalls similar to how BitTorrent may be blocked. This is because FilesOverMiles client needs to accept incoming connections from other FilesOverMiles clients and some NATs/firewalls block incoming connections.

Regarding the difference between FilesOverMiles and BitTorrent - they have different purposes. BitTorrent is for sharing files with a large number of random people. FilesOverMiles is for sharing your private files with your friends in the simplest manner - without installing any software.


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